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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Are The Red Bulls Heading For Disaster ?

We all know about the current financial problems of European football,& clubs such as Manchester City, have still not realised that you cant buy your way to success.Are the New York Red Bulls about to tread the same path, with massive wages from players such as Henry & Martinez about to spiral the clubs expenses through the roof.
Football finance has came under heavy scrutiny in the current economic situation, with a sports business expert, Deloitte, warning that the current level of spending in the Premier League is not sustainable unless changes are quickly made. UEFA have already made plans to curb the debt, which threatens to swallow English football, and has approved financial fair play plans for the near future. Clubs must not be running  a loss following a three year period starting from 2012 and clubs that fail to meet these requirements will  be banned from taking part in any European football.The current amount of debt in European football remains to be a huge challenge for both the clubs and UEFA to tackle. UEFA are concerned about the level of spending  in recent years, reporting that more than 50% of Europe’s top clubs are losing money  every year. “I would not paint such a cataclysmic picture of major clubs folding because football has always shown there can be solutions but having said that, we are seriously worried to see these trends,” said UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino.
Alex Ferguson’s  has his own verdict on  the current transfer market  :“The enormous amounts of money that  the players are paid, not just for the transfer fees but for their salaries, I don’t think rests easy with supporters,”  Ferguson said. “We’re in such a competitive world now that you’re hamstrung in relation to the borders people will go to get the best players.Over the years we’ve bought players for quite high amounts like Berbatov, Ferdinand, VerĂ³n and Rooney. We are trying  to equate how we’re going to get the proper value before we do that now. When I see some of the values now, and you’re talking about players at £40m or £30m-odd, we have to assess our own players first.”
Ferguson obviously thinks the current market is over inflated, mainly because of the enormous amounts of money spent on players by Real Madrid and Manchester City over the last two seasons. Ferguson has added a few modest signings to the Manchester United squad, refusing to spend the majority of the world record £80m the club received for the talents of Cristiano Ronaldo.
We all love the fact that the new owners are prepared to put there money where there mouths are,but
caution now could save the almost sure financial ruin of the club !

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some decent points but theres little choice but to pay the money or stand still